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by Etienne Dupuch Jr Publications Ltd.

The Bahamas
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For nearly four decades, the Bahamas Handbook and Businessman’s Annual has been informing, motivating, encouraging and entertaining readers with a rich resource of knowledge about the Bahama Islands.

It is the most comprehensive, up-to-date, authoritative reference book on The Bahamas today.

Read bout the irascible buccaneer Captain Charles Vane. Relive the early days of East Hill St, where pirates and rum runners cavorted, and discover The Bahamas’ Lewis family, first non-Indian settlers of southeast Florida. Reminisce about Muhammad Ali’s last fight – the “Drama in Bahama.”

Explore the mysteries of the deep, Eleuthera’s enigmatic boulders, our historic world of alligators, seals and iguanas. Learn how to buy your own island paradise. Find out why The Bahamas attracts so much wealth, and take a walk through cyberspace on the information superhighway.

Grand Bahama has to be one of the fastest growing cities in this part of the world with its container port, which has initiated a whole new industry, countless spin-offs and a flurry of interest from international investors. Meet key players, the movers and shakers of this second largest city of The Bahamas. Follow the road to alternative healing.

And for information on everything Bahamian from A-Z, use the Blue Pages as a handy reference.

It’s all here and more!

-The irascible buccaneer – Capt. Charles Vane was the scourge of The Bahamas
-The street on the hill – East Hill St, short in length, long on lore
-Bahamian Lewises: pioneers of Florida – Fate and fortune of Frankee and family
-Muhammad Ali’s last fight – Ex-world champ’s career ends in Nassau fiasco

-Deep mysteries and sea cures – Weird and wonderful creatures of light
-Alligators, seals and iguanas – 250 years of natural history
-Enigmatic boulders of Eleuthera – How super waves put them there

Leisure & Vacation
-The Bahamas’ ‘fightingest’ fish – Grey ghosts of the flats

Business & Finance
-A world class tax haven – Why The Bahamas attracts so much wealth
-Sun, sea and cyberspace – Paradise goes hi-tech
-Offshore insurance – New alternatives for investors
-Bahamian trusts – Staying ahead of the pack
-The Bahamas’ real estate boom – Sales are on the up
-Buy you own Bahamian island – Where life’s a beach
-Property Sampling – What’s available, where, how much

Bahamas Information
-Blue Pages – A-Z compendium on everything you need to know about holidaying, living, working and investing in The Bahamas

-Grand Bahama’s latest and greatest – Tourism, hotels, real estate, industry
-Freeport’s key players – Movers and shakers make modern history
-Welcome to our island – Freeport’s Asian ‘invasion’ spawns massive benefits
-The healing pioneers – Medical research, alternative healing and preventive therapy

Freeport/Lucaya Information
-More blue pages – Handy facts and figures specific to Freeport/Lucaya

-The Bahamas government – Parliament explained, plus important dates in recent history
-Cabinet ministers & portfolios
-Ministers of State
-House of Assembly
-Parliamentarians’ salaries; Parliamentary Secretaries
-Permanent Secretaries; Commission chairpersons
-Public service officials
-Government office locations
-Diplomatic & consular representatives
-Resident diplomatic & consular representatives
-International organizations’ representatives
-Honorary consuls & representatives in The Bahamas

Classified Directories

Year in Review
-Sept 1996 through Aug 1997

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“…contains more information on The Bahamas than any other book we know.”
- Boston Globe (U.S.)

“…enough information to make you an expert…”
- The Financial Post (Canada)

“The Bahamas Handbook is not only interesting and informative, but one of the most respected publications in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas…”
- Governor-General Sir Milo B. Butler (Bahamas)
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