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The Dupuch name is synonymous with publishing in The Bahamas. The family has a long history in the business, starting with the Nassau Daily Tribune founded by Leon Dupuch at the turn of the last century and continued by his son, the late Sir Etienne Dupuch.

Sir Etienne's namesake, Etienne Dupuch Jr., has carried the family tradition into the 21st century. Today, Etienne Dupuch Jr. is head of a prestigious publishing company that produces magazines and books exclusively about The Bahamas. Etienne Dupuch Jr. Publications is widely regarded as the authoritative source on the islands — in fact, readers would be hard-pressed to find other publications that match the Dupuch standard of excellence.

"I was born in the business, I've been in every aspect of the business," says Dupuch, who founded his company in 1959 and has watched it grow into a major publishing house that today includes the colourful and entertaining What to Do magazines, the Dining & Entertainment Guide, the glossy Welcome books found in hotel rooms throughout Nassau and Freeport, and the handy Bahamas Trailblazer Maps. The Bahamas Handbook, an annual publication that has grown to more than 600 pages over the years, is Dupuch Publications' premier publication. Etienne Dupuch Jr. and his wife, the late Sylvia Perfetti Dupuch, designed it as a comprehensive guide to The Bahamas. Its diverse readership includes locals, tourists and investors alike — not surprising since it contains everything from the most up-to-date offshore investment information to entertaining features on the history, culture and people of the islands.

Etienne Dupuch Jr. credits the success of his company to an unfailing commitment to give both his readers and his clients the very best, whether that means going through 500 negatives to find the right photograph, or going in search of the perfect story. By consistently meeting deadlines, Dupuch also ensures that his advertisers get premium value for their money.

When he was honoured with The Bahamas' top tourism award in 1997, the Cacique for Lifetime Achievement, it was said that a combination of strong management, consistent high-quality service and dedication had made Dupuch's products the leading publications in The Bahamas today. Etienne Dupuch Jr. Publications is proud to continue this tradition of publishing excellence.

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