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by Etienne Dupuch Jr Publications Ltd.

The Bahamas
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For 40 years the Bahamas Handbook and Businessman’s Annual has been teaching, informing, inspiring, encouraging and entertaining Bahamians, residents, visitors, investors. It is a bedside companion, travel guide, textbook, reference book and a browser’s delight.

Stroll into the new millennium with a look at the last century. Find out how a small country evolved into a world-class nation in banking, finance and tourism.

How did birds influence explorer Christopher Columbus and possibly contribute to his first landfall in the New World on San Salvador? How did Hog Island grow into a super resort? What was the relationship between slaves and Florida’s Seminole Indians and how did they come to live in Andros? Is diving with shark safe? Find out in this special 2000 edition of the Bahamas Handbook.

New Providence and the Out Islands are rife with plans and projects. Grand Bahama burgeons as The Lucayan mega resort takes shape on Lucayan Beach and the container port continues to expand. The Bahamas Handbook brings you up to date.

Still have questions? Check the “Blue Pages” for alphabetical listings on everything from accommodations and agriculture to water rates and wildlife preserves.

-The Handbook at 40 years – Etienne Dupuch Jr Publications looks back
-Journey through a century – The Bahamas in a changing world
-Building an industry out of sand – A sleepy winter retreat becomes a mega resort
-Power and politics in The Bahamas – From Royal Governors to party politics
-History of banking and finance – Evolution of an offshore financial centre

-Hog Island to Paradise – A tiny island becomes a vacation haven
-Shark feeding puts teeth into diving – Divers seek out what they used to avoid
-Chris Blackwell’s island life – An interview with the self-made man of music
-The woman who refused to conform – Standard Oil heiress was queen of her cay

Family Islands
-Black Indians of Red Bays – Andros was a land of freedom
-Birds on Columbus’ route – Did they lead him to the New World?

Business & Finance
-Business overview – Developments fuel investor confidence
-World giants vs tax havens – Battle could benefit The Bahamas
-Insurance as an investment – Offshore policies offer flexibility
-Business beyond 2000 – The Bahamas prepares as borders erode
-Construction booms in The Bahamas – From high-end homes to big business centres
-Out Island construction – Projects are not limited to Nassau and Freeport
-Real estate – A sampling of available properties

Bahamas Information
-Blue Pages – A-Z compendium on living, vacationing and investing in The Bahamas

-Highlights of the century- Grand Bahama grows up
-Destiny of a pine barren – Industry brings prosperity
-Politics redefined in Freeport – Welcome to government within a government
-Big business brings banking to Freeport – Boom is good news for financial services sector
-Grand Bahama enters a new era – Tourism rises once again

Freeport/Lucaya Information
-More blue pages – Handy facts and figures specific to Freeport/Lucaya

-The Queen’s Birthday Honours - 1999
-Governor General
-Cabinet ministers & portfolios
-Ministers of State
-House of Assembly
-Parliamentarians’ salaries; Parliamentary Secretaries
-Senior Public Officers; Permanent Secretaries; Commission chairpersons
-Public service officials
-Government offices
- Bahamas diplomatic & consular representatives
-Resident diplomatic & consular representatives
-International organizations’ representatives; Honorary consuls & representatives
-Bahamas honorary consuls abroad

Classified Directories

Year in Review
-Aug 1998 through July 1999

-Advertisers in this book

“…contains more information on The Bahamas than any other book we know.”
- Boston Globe (U.S.)

“…enough information to make you an expert…”
- The Financial Post (Canada)

“The Bahamas Handbook is not only interesting and informative, but one of the most respected publications in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas…”
- Governor-General Sir Milo B. Butler (Bahamas)
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