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by Etienne Dupuch Jr Publications Ltd.

The Bahamas
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This edition of the Bahamas Handbook, like its predecessors over the past 47 years, brims with useful information, colourful photography and fascinating reading.

Our stories this year include spotlights on four very different men: E P Taylor, the Canadian industrialist who built Lyford Cay; Richard Harris, the irascible Irish actor who chose to live on Paradise Island; Neville Chamberlain, a young Englishman who tried to make it as a sisal farmer on Andros – long before he became Prime Minister of Great Britian – and Bahamian T Baswell Donaldson, who founded one of the nation’s most important institutions, The Central Bank of The Bahamas.

Read up on “the fighting Thompsons,” four brothers who left sleepy Abaco to serve in the Second World War, taking part in some of that conflict’s bloodiest engagements. Enjoy nostalgic pieces on “The Golden Age,” a never-to-be forgotten era in Nassau’s history, and the “fond memories and dark secrets” of the stately British Colonial hotel. Another story traces the surprising history of a fruit that symbolizes Bahamian hospitality, the pineapple.

On the business front, we explore the big adjustments that are taking place in both banking and tourism, our two top industries. We take a close look at Bahamian agriculture and the long-term goal of self-sufficiency. On the lighter side, enjoy flying your own plane over The Bahamas and discover “the best of the best” beaches, resorts and other attractions to be found up and down the chain.

It was a tumultuous year for Freeport and our lineup covers the waterfront: changes in management at the Grand Bahama Port Authority, the beginning of work on a huge resort at West End, the growth of the Grand Bahama Shipyard, and the launch of an innovative trans-shipment and distribution hub.

Then there are our regular features: a who’s who in government, the civil service and the diplomatic corps, and of course, our internationally respected Blue Pages where you'll find literally thousands of useful facts and figures about The Bahamas, presented in an easy-to-use A-to-Z format.

This is a book for everybody, for investors, homebuyers, academics, students, and tourists – indeed, the Bahamas Handbook for 2007 is published for anybody who visits, works or lives in The Bahamas.

Photo gallery
-Scenic Bahamas – a colourful tour of the islands

-A Canadian legend in The Bahamas – E P Taylor turned a swamp into posh Lyford Cay
-Nassau’s brief Camelot moment – Nassau remembers a time known as the golden age
-Rogue actor finds peace in paradise – Richard Harris enjoyed an idyllic respite in Nassau

-Neville Chamberlain and the sisal fiasco – Sisal helped shape the character of a British Prime Minister
-Abaco’s fighting Thompson boys – Four brothers who answered the call to war
-British Colonial reigns and rocks – Hotel has been at the centre of social life for a century

Family Islands
-The best of the best of the Family Islands – Best of the best lists cites attractions found on the islands
-Flying The Islands of The Bahamas – Azure waters, green islands and good times lure pilots
-When pineapples were king – Pineapples have deep roots in Bahamian culture

-Historic surge in Bahamian economy – Strongest economic growth since independence
-Banks compete for new business – Bahamian banks offer improved service and innovations
-Asia looms large in Bahamian economy – The Bahamas seeks to strengthen ties with China and India
-Third wave lifts Bahamian tourism – Focus on Out Islands and mixed-use resorts affects tourism
-T B Donaldson – banker with heart – Helping people and making profits not mutually exclusive
-Huge potential of Bahamian farming – Is it feasible to become self-sufficient in food?
-Boom continues in building industry – New resorts strain construction industry
-Real estate – A selection of available properties

Bahamas Information
-Blue Pages – A-Z compendium on living, vacationing and investing in The Bahamas

-Grand Bahama changes course – New management, new projects, new strategies
-A palace in Grand Bahama’s future – Island has a future full of opportunities for growth
-Shipyard on cruise control – Shipyard keeps ships and local economy afloat
-Sea Air Business Centre takes off – First customer builds in distribution hub

Freeport/Lucaya Information
-More blue pages – Handy facts and figures specific to Freeport/Lucaya

-How Government works
-Governor General
-Cabinet ministers & portfolios
-House of Assembly
-Parliamentarians’ salaries; Parliamentary Secretaries
-Permanent Secretaries; Commission chairpersons
-Public service officials
-Government offices
-Resident diplomatic & consular representatives
-Bahamas diplomatic & consular representatives
-International organizations’ representatives
-Honorary consuls & representatives
-Bahamas honorary consuls abroad
-Family Island Administrators

Classified Directories

Year in Review
-Aug 2005 through July 2006

-Advertisers in this book

“…contains more information on The Bahamas than any other book we know.”
- Boston Globe (U.S.)

“…enough information to make you an expert…”
- The Financial Post (Canada)

“The Bahamas Handbook is not only interesting and informative, but one of the most respected publications in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas…”
- Governor-General Sir Milo B. Butler (Bahamas)
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