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by Etienne Dupuch Jr Publications Ltd.

The Bahamas
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This 48th edition of the Bahamas Handbook is a must-read for anyone who is interested in The Bahamas, whether you are living, investing, doing business or just visiting this nation of 700 gorgeous islands. It’s also a book for readers—those who enjoy well-researched, well-written articles about the nation, its economy, history and people.

Enjoy personality spotlights on three very different people who have made, or are making, an impact on The Bahamas—the dashing industrialist and ladies’ man from a bygone era, Sir Victor Sassoon; the remarkable businessman and former politician, Norman Solomon; and the dynamic Janyne Hodder, who is turning The College of The Bahamas into a full-fledged university.

Among the 2008 offerings are articles on the Africans who settled in The Bahamas after being rescued from a life of slavery in the 1800s; on the fascinating stories behind place names in The Bahamas and on the growing effort to save and renovate churches throughout the Out Islands.

Julian Francis, former governor of The Central Bank of The Bahamas, gives readers his thoughts about the past, present and future of the financial services industry; we examine the generational land issue, look into the surprising influence that Bahamian expats have in the United States and examine the bonefishing industry, which draws thousands of visitors to Out Islands every year.

On the practical side, the Handbook’s government listings give readers the most up-to-date information anywhere on the people in power after the May 2, 2007, general election. Then, of course, there are the “blue pages,” an A to Z compendium of information on everything you ever wanted to know about The Bahamas, from accommodations and investment incentives to nature, wildlife preserves and zoos.

All this and much more awaits you in the 2008 Bahamas Handbook. Good reading!


Photo gallery
- Scenic Bahamas - a colourful tour of the islands

-Victor Sassoon's Bahamian sojourn – colourful industrialist finds a home in The Bahamas
-The remarkable Norman Solomon –one man's life in business and politics
-Guardians of the fragile paradise–National Trust takes on a new role

-British legacy in The Bahamas–enduring historic ties to Great Britain
-Bahamian-American connection–Bahamians in US value their heritage
-Africans changed Bahamian culture–freed Africans helped to create Bahamian lifestyle

Family Islands
-Rebirth of Family Island churches–rebuilding programme to rescue a spiritual heritage
-Pirates, explorers, natives name isles–unique Bahamian place names yield insights
-Bonefish: a bonanza for local economies–grey ghosts of the tidal flats create tourism draw

-Economy shows underlying strength–despite setbacks, economy gets high marks
-Julian Francis on financial services–Handbook interview with former central banker
-University status for COB by 2010–President Janyne Hodder transforms COB
-Generational land: bane or blessing–much Bahamian land is held by families and groups
-From sails to cells Bahamians connect–Technology is changing the way Bahamians think
-Construction firms weather a slowdown–lack of skills forces Bahamas to seek foreign workers
-Competing for Our Island land–Land rush pits foreigners against Bahamians
-Real Estate a selection of available properties

Bahamas Information
Blue pages– A-Z compendium on living, vacationing and investing in The Bahamas

Freeport/Lucaya Information
-In for the long haul in Grand Bahama–Despite many troubles Grand Bahama looks ahead
-Grand Bahamas' offbeat adventures–exciting excursions and magical scenery
-Eco tourism in Grand Bahama–Preserving an island's natural beauty
-Safe havens for floating palaces
-Freeport is a Mecca for megayachts

Freeport/Lucaya Information
-More blue pages–Handy facts and figures specific to Freeport/Lucaya

-How government works
-Governor General
-Cabinet ministers and profiles
-House of Assembly
-Parliamentarians' salaries; Parliamentary Secretaries
-Public service officials
-Government offices
-Resident diplomatic and consular representatives
-Bahamas diplomatic and consular representatives
-International organizations' representatives
-Honorary consuls and representatives
-Bahamas honorary consuls abroad
-Family Island Administrators

Classified Directories

Year in Review
Aug 2006 through July 2007

-Advertisers in this book

“…contains more information on The Bahamas than any other book we know.”
- Boston Globe (U.S.)

“…enough information to make you an expert…”
- The Financial Post (Canada)

“The Bahamas Handbook is not only interesting and informative, but one of the most respected publications in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas…”
- Governor-General Sir Milo B. Butler (Bahamas)
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