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50th Anniversary Edition
by Etienne Dupuch Jr Publications Ltd.

The Bahamas
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In addition to all the features that readers have come to expect from the Bahamas Handbook, this year’s issue has a special 100-page photographic and editorial retrospective that will depict the nation’s vibrant life and times during the last half century and its connection to world affairs.

Using a selection of exclusive photographs from our archives, the section highlights the people and events that have shaped recent Bahamian history. This anniversary edition showcases how The Bahamas has grown from a small colony on the margins of the fading British Empire to an independent nation next door to the world’s greatest superpower—a young country that boasts a centuries-old tradition of individual freedom and parliamentary democracy.

Of course, the Handbook continues to publish the full-colour photographs and well written features that our readers enjoy—stories and photos about the people, the history and the islands of The Bahamas. And readers will continue to find up-to-date and accurateinformation in the Blue Pages, our extensive A-to-Z compendium of all things Bahamian, along with biographies of the country’s movers and shakers in government, the diplomaticcorps and the civil service.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime issue as we reflect on the past 50 years of Bahamian history as seen through the eyes of the Bahamas Handbook.

“All of The Bahamas in your hand…The scope of topics is fabulous…A slickly packaged kaleidoscope of colourful and irresistible reading, a must for residents of and visitors to The Bahamas.”
     – New Haven Register

“The Handbook has played a vital part in the phenomenal development of [Freeport]. In fact we have relied on the Handbook more than any other publicity vehicle in bringing big money into Freeport-Lucaya, and ultimately into the pockets of every licensee.”
     – Sir Jack A Hayward, the Grand Bahama Port Authority

“This publication has historically been the source of vital information on The Bahamas. I congratulate you on yet another excellent publication.”
    – James H Smith, former Minister of State for Finance

“…[the Bahamas Handbook] is a wonderful production and I am delighted to get it. It will certainly have a place in my reference library.”
    – Lord Beaverbrook, British press baron and member of Churchill’s Cabinet

“Unquestionably the Bahamas Handbook, which is so well compiled and contains so much interesting and pertinent information is an important, contributing factor to the expansion which is in progress.”
    – E P Taylor, founder, Lyford Cay

“I wish to commend you on the outstanding work you have done in publishing the Bahamas Handbook. You have, in my opinion, made a substantial contribution to The Bahamas.”
    – Wallace Groves, founder, Grand Bahama Port Authority

“Once more I can say without reservation that the quality of your [2009] publication has reached yet another high standard of excellence.”
    – J Barrie Farrington, Senior Vice President, Kerzner Intl

“Once again, thank you very much for the Bahamas Handbook. It is a very impressive publication and a very valuable tool for promoting The Bahamas.”
    – The Hon John J Issa, Chairman, SuperClubs

“The Bahamas Handbook is not only interesting and informative, but one of the most respected publications in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas…”
    – Sir Milo Butler, former Governor General

“…I can honestly say that each year’s edition keeps getting better…I constantly find myself going back to [previous issues] whenever I am doing research on a particular local project.”
    – Sir Orville Turnquest, former Governor General

“Virtually every Bahama topic from yachting and fish catching to the art of setting up a multi-million dollar corporation is packed into the new Bahamas Handbook…”
    – The Miami Herald

“The quality of your publication continues to amaze me…no other nation has such a book coming out yearly with such excellent information.”
    – John H Bounds, Sam Houston State Library, Huntsville, Texas

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